20 cute things to say to your girlfriend

cute things to say to your girlfriend

It’s always said that action speaks louder than words. When it comes to a person’s romantic life, it’s not always the truth. Your girlfirnd wants you to show that you are sweet and caring and to show these using romantic words. The most common way to express your emotion to your lover is by saying “I love you.” Even if you always tell your lover these three words, you need to go past them.

Using romantic words in your relationship is one of the crucial things since it makes the two of you much closer than before. Verbalizing your feelings also add intimacy to your relationship.

Are you looking for romantic and sweet words to say to your girlfriend because your lines are a bit rusty? Here are 20 cute things to say to your girlfriend.


  1. Every night I always ask an angel to look over you as you sleep through the night. However, the angel always comes back to ask why? The angel tells me that angels do not watch over angels.
  2. Sweetheart, you are my dream girl just like the way my parents always tell me, never give up on your dreams.
  3. I went to my doctor and got an x-ray, do you know what the doctor found? You in my heart. I was told by the doctor my heart will always be fine as long as you are in it.
  4. If my life ended today, I would never regret anything since I got to spend time with you.
  5. Can I borrow your phone? I want to call my parent and tell them that I have found the girl of my dreams.
  6. When God created you, He must have been showing off.
  7. I would prefer to go to hell with you than be in heaven without you.
  8. I am happy because both of us were born in this era of computers, smartphones, etc. If not I would be forced to perfect my climbing skills so that I can climb up your window just to see you.
  9. If I were asked to give a description of the color you represent, then I would have to choose the rainbow since you are magical and beautiful and spending time with you it’s like finding a treasure.
  10. I always love to watch you laugh because you are very cute and also the happiness rubs off on me.
  11. While people celebrate Valentine only once a year, I celebrate it every day as long as you are here by my side.
  12. Whether you are laughing out loud or giggling, to me it sounds like heaven.
  13. Babe, I always long for you just like the way a drowning man long for air. It would instantly kill me if I had you just a little.
  14. Even if we have spent many years together, my heart always skips a beat every time I see you.
  15. You have all the qualities everyman would fight for but too bad for them because I have the honor of keeping you all to myself.
  16. I without you, it’s like a nerd without braces, shoes without laces and a sentence without spaces.
  17. Babe, are you a magician? Since, every time I look at you, everything else disappears.
  18. Since you came into my life, I have always been happy, and I owe it all to you.
  19. I and you are a perfect match designed in heaven
  20. I could hold you forever


Being in a relationship with a girl you really love is the most amazing feeling ever. Therefore, it’s crucial to match your actions and feelings with the right words to put a smile on your girlfriend.