10 special songs about missing someone


When people are gone in our lives whether it’s for a short time, long time or forever, we often turn to music to cope with the feelings that come with missing someone. You know the sadness, emptiness of not getting to hear, talk or see them everyday, or just everything about them. When you’re feeling down and need some music to turn to, I have complied list of 10 best songs about missing someone across a couple of genres in no particular order.

Photograph- Ed Sheeran

This song is off the album “X”(Multiply) released in June of 2014 but the song has been recently released as a single year later. This song awesome reminder how much love and memory a photograph can hold, and that love and memory is never more than just a photograph away.

Home- Blake Shelton

Released as single in 2008, Blake Shelton captures the feelings of missing someone, and how nothing feels better than to be home with that one person who makes you feel everything and whole again.

I Miss My Friend- Darryl Worley

This single dates all the way back to 2002. It’s a great song in general for missing your current love, ex-love, or even if tragedy has struck and you’ve lost your significant other. Bring the tissues out on this one; it’s a sad but a good one.

Maps- Maroon 5

Released in the summer of 2014, “Maps is song about losing love you had with someone and doing everything to find again. If you’re going through a break up, and need some comfort that you aren’t alone in what you are feeling this song hits the spot.

Here Without You- 3 Doors Down

Another older single but a good song is never goes out of age. This single released in 2002 is another song that reiterates the when your gone and missing someone they are always on your mind.

Ain’t No Trucks In Texas- Ronnie Dunn

This is pretty recent song, and if you looking for somewhat sarcastic side of missing someone this is it. With lyrics like “There ain’t no trucks in Texas, and I ain’t missing you”, Ronnie captures the conflict feelings of leaving someone and regretting later by using a sarcastic tone and lyrics the opposite of what you are truly feeling.

Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers

What would a top 10 songs about missing someone be without this classic song? Sometimes the insecurities take over and you wonder do they still care and love you like they did when they left. When you or significant other is gone sometimes months at end for work, this song fits the bill.

More than a Memory- Garth Brooks

This is another song geared towards those missing an ex. Released in 2007, this song is about how much a person means to you when they leave. How missing affects you and your state of well being, if you’re hurting this is a song to listen to.

Who Knew- P!nk

When it comes to breakups there is many questions you ask yourself, especially when you thought that relationship was the one. P!nk released this single in 2006 and she’s ask all the same questions you asked, or are asking yourself, along with all the feelings of missing someone.

The Man- Ed Sheeran

I’ll end where I started, another Ed Sheeran song. This song is best when you are the one always gone and your significant other leaves. Your profession takes up so much time that your significant other feels neglected. With lyrics like “I know it’s hard to deal with and see this, I tend to turn you off and switch on my professional features”, and the hook “I don’t love you baby, I don’t need you baby, I don’t want you no anymore” you see the anger the cause they’ve found someone else but realize that you still miss them. “I guess I lied in the hook, cause I still love you and I need you by my side”

Sometimes we miss people, sometimes they miss us, but we will always have music to get us through.