5 Careers New College Graduates Should Target


For new college graduates, making the right career choice is essential. Today, with the different career choices to choose from, it makes the selection process difficult for many individuals. For those who want a career that can ensure a good future, particularly with the experience and salary, it is best to choose from one of these five careers that are considered the best.

The first profession that is worth considering is a medical assistant. If you have attention to detail, good organizational skills and interest in the medical field, a career as a medical assistance is definitely a good choice. As a medical assistant, the tasks involve managing the doctor’s office that includes filing paperwork, measuring vital signs, scheduling appointments and sterilizing medical instruments. Even though medical assistants can learn while on the job, some employers prefer candidates who possess formal education. It is best to acquire a certificate or an associate’s degree in medical assisting. As for the average salary of a medical assistant, it is $28,860 yearly. Certain factors can affect the salary such as the type of office, location and the type of training acquired.

The second career worth considering is working as a paralegal. This is the ideal career for those who do not want to go through law school, but interested with the legal system.  As a paralegal, they prepare for trials, hearings and corporate meetings. Additionally, they are even tasked to write legal documents, arguments and research about case laws. As for the educational requirements, acquiring an associate’s degree in paralegal studies is the best way to start. For those with a bachelor’s degree, getting a certificate in paralegal studies is needed. In terms of the salary, the average is $49,960 but tends to vary due to certain factors.

A career as an accountant is also a good option.  As an accountant, you can work in companies, government or even for individual clients. The tasks involve helping client prepare, verify and analyze the accuracy of the financial documents. In some cases, accountants even offer financial and investment planning as well as budget analysis. In this career, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is required. As for the average salary, it can reach up to $62,850.

For those who want to reach out to others and possess superior communication skills, a career as a public relations specialist is a good choice. In this career, it involves working with clients from universities, businesses, non-profit organizations and even hospitals. As a public relations specialist, they help clients build and maintain positive relationships with the public. In this career, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in communications-related field such as journalism or public relations is required. In terms of the average salary, it can reach up to $45,044.

Lastly, a career as computer software developer can provide one with good experience and salary. In this career, it involves creating various types of software that can range from word processors, video games and many more. The can even improve or fix the program if there is an error. If you want this career, it is best to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. The average salary for computer software developers can reach up to $94,180 but some can earn higher.