How To Become A Vampire

how to become a vampire 02

So, you have always loved vampires starting with Count Chocula when you were a child, but how do you become one? Vampires have always been popular and creatures of myth and legend. The modern vampire legend started with Vlad the Impaler a Romanian ruler of days gone by people have been fascinated by vampires. You only have to look as far as Bram Stoker’s and Ann Rice’s Dracula to look at the legends of vampires in literature to see how vampires have always fascinated us. Even the Twilight series featuring Edward the Vampire is something that has continued to attract great interest and fascination. These ar some of the vampires that have long captured our imagination and made us long for the longevity of the undead.

However, the legend of the vampire goes back as far as Greek Mythology when it is known that people would drink the blood of the undead as part of the prescribed ritual in vampirism. This goes back to the legend of Ambrogio, known as the first vampire and Selene. Supposedly only by the mixing and drinking of the blood could the human shed their human like tendencies and become a vampire. This is one of the options that you may find when you are looking for ways to become one of the supernatural undead who preys on human kind. Drinking blood is part of the lore of old, and one of the essential steps to take when you want to transform into a vampire. It is one of the steps to take when getting the vampire tendencies the action and level of activity you are looking for.

Well what if you could actually take a step beyond the literature and the vampire cults that exist where people carry around vials of blood and dress in vampire clothing. They may even have their teeth shaved to become fangs. These are just some of the ways to get vampire style and attract cult like followers. and become a vampire literally. What would you need to do? What would have to happen in order to transform an ordinary human into a vampire?

The internet if full of vampire spells that are set to turn human beings into vampires and some even claim to work. However, what could really be the method to turn someone from a mere mortal into the undead. The first step in the process and one that goes beyond magic an spell casting is to drink the blood of the undead. The right spell said with conviction can turn you into a vampire. Find one online. In other words you must first come across a true vampire spell. Experiment with those that really work.

Others post on the internet about spells being cast on them or something they say themselves to turn them into a vampire. It is up to you as to what you think will work in your particular case. Becoming a vampire may be a doable thing, and if you find yourself with an irrestiable desire to drink blood or lay in a coffin, you will know that it actually has worked!