3 Financial Tips For College Students

cr: Thomas Hawk, flickr.com

cr: Thomas Hawk, flickr.com

Money.  It’s the one thing that college kids probably stress about the most.  Instead of focusing on their exams and other course load they are spending too much time worrying about how they are going to pay for their rent, books, and lets be honest… just a little bit of beer money.  Below are just a few simply tips for college students so that they can stress just a little less about money.

Buy Books Online

This isn’t exactly a secret but its amazing how much schools are charging for their textbooks these days.  Simply visit Amazon a couple weeks before your classes begin and see if anyone is selling the exact book you need.  Most of the time it’s available and a lot cheaper.  If you’re OK with it you can save a few extra dollars by buying the outdated edition of the book too.   One other alternative is to look into whether or not your school has a book rental policy.  Some universities actually offer this with the idea that it will save students money and allow them to still make some money.

Alternatives To Cable TV

College students can have a lot of extra time on their hands.  It’s not unnatural for them to build up some TV time when they aren’t busy with class.  One way to save a few bucks is to ditch cable or the dish for Netflix and or Hulu.  Both of these services are extremely cheap ($10 a month) and offer you hours and hours of entertainment.  The only thing you might miss out on is your sports.  Hopefully if your a fan of your local college team then you’ll be able to go in person which is much more fun anyways!

Shopping in Bulk

Many college students have roommates.  Ask everyone to pitch in and make a run to Costco or Sams Club.  Both of these places are great for buying food and other items in bulk at a huge savings.  All college kids need toilet paper, tooth paste, Kleenex and other necessities. Why not buy them in bulk and split the cost between all your roommates?  It will end up being a lot cheaper and they are items that you need to buy anyways.  Both of these stores are also great spots to pick up food too thought you’ll want to make sure to buy what you know you and your roomies will eat.

Above are three tips on saving some cash while in college.  None of them will make you rich but they will hopefully allow you an opportunity to save a few bucks and stress just a little less about money in general.  In the end your in college to get an education – the money will come with time.  Continue to work hard and in just a short few years you’ll hopefully have that job you dreamed of and a bigger budget to live on.




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