25 cute nicknames for your guy

25 cute nicknames for your guy

Having a special someone that makes your heart flutter is what makes relationships so special.  Whether your relationship with your boyfriend is new or the spark has lasted years – its always fun to have a nickname.  Below, we’ll go over some common and not so common nicknames that are a perfect fit for the guy in your life.  Some he’ll definitely like and some you might want to consider only calling him behind closed doors.

Before we get to the names – let’s discuss just a few rules for applying a nickname to any guy.

  1. Never attribute a name to a man that makes him look or sound like less of a man.
  2. Stay away from anything his family or previous girlfriends have used.
  3. Ask your guy what he thinks of your nickname.  The last thing you want is an argument over something that’s suppose to be cute and endearing.
  4. If you question whether he’ll “take” to the nickname your best off calling him something that compliments him. We have yet a guy who wouldn’t appreciate being called “Mr. Right”

25 nicknames that will be perfect for your man:

  • Boobear  – Want something “extra” to the original “boo”  Bingo! This is perfect.
  • Bun – Does he have a cute butt?  Or how about a more cute approach thinking about how a bun wraps itself around its special contents (you!)
  • Captain – Is he the captain of the team? Or maybe he simply is the captain of your heart?
  • Champ – Similar to “Captain” – show your guy how much you adore him by referring to him as the champ.
  • Cookie – Who doesn’t like cookies? Does this cute nickname need a further explanation?
  • Cutie Patootie – A little on the rhyming side but still a cute nickname.
  • Darling – Go old-school by letting your other half know how much you care for him each day.
  • Eye Candy – You can’t be the only one who thinks he looks good – let’s state the obvious!
  • Good-Looking – Very similar to “Eye Candy”.
  • Handsome – Continuing the good “good-looking” / “eye candy” theme.  Can’t go wrong with this nickname.
  • Heart throb – Remember rule #4 when selecting a nickname.  “Heart throb” is a winner!
  • Hot-stuff – This is a fantastic alternative if your still looking to meet rule #4.
  • Knight in Shining Armor – Every guy likes to be his girls “knight in shining armor”
  • Ladies Man – If your confident in your man and know he’s only yours – I doubt you’ll hear complaints from him.
  • Mr Perfect – No guy thinks he’s perfect.  Everyone likes compliments and being “perfect” is most ideal.
  • Mr. Right – The only thing better than being “perfect” might be being “right” every time.
  • Other Half – This is self explanatory. What guy wouldn’t be happy to be known as the other half of your great relationship.
  • Playboy – He’ll really like this one.  n’uff said.
  • Prince Charming – If “knight in shining armor” isn’t perfect then definitely go with this one!
  • Rock Star – Does your guy play an instrument?  Look no further, this is perfect!  
  • Romeo – Maybe he’s an artsy guy? Or just appreciates one of the worlds best love stories.
  • Shy-Guy – This would be really funny if your guy was super outgoing but avoid it if he isn’t. See rule #1.
  • Snuggleable – This is a great nickname if your guy loves holding you all the time.
  • Superhero – Nothing is more masculine then being your favorite Superhero.
  • Yankee  Absolute perfect fit if he’s a Yankee’s fan but could work for anyone who appreciates history as well!

Regardless what you choose for your guy he’ll love the idea that you’re thinking about him.  Let us know in the comments if you decided on one of the above or came up with another special nickname.