50 Good “Would You Rather” Questions

would you rather

The perfect icebreaker for any party, Would You Rather is a game of dilemmas and difficult choices where you can challenge your friends by asking your friend a question. The person must choose between two choices you have provided.


  1. Would you rather be locked in a psych ward or in prison?
  2. For an object you really want, would you rather do LSD or streak through the neighborhood?
  3. Would you rather have sex with a stranger or your ex?
  4. Would you rather shave a lion or shave a bear?
  5. During the apocalypse, would you rather be shot in the head or eaten by zombies?
  6. If you could choose your death, would you rather die by drowning or by being burnt alive?
  7. During an alien invasion, would you rather become a human slave or a human dissection?
  8. Would you rather be locked in a room with a mass murderer or a serial rapist?
  9. If you were locked in a room, would you rather be stuck with Hitler or Stalin?
  10. Would you rather eat 50 jars of baby food or change 50 poopy diapers?
  11. Would you rather scuba-dive with sharks or dance with wolves?
  12. If you were a vampire, would you rather die by holy water or a wooden stake?
  13. If you owned a unicorn, would you rather use it as transportation or as a pet?
  14. Would you rather be a stripper or a hooker?
  15. Would you rather eat prison food or school food?
  16. Would you rather sky-dive naked or cliff-dive in winter?
  17. Would you rather the world end by zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
  18. Would you rather be a millionaire on the FBI’s most wanted list or a pauper with no criminal record?
  19. Would you rather legalize gay marriage or legalize marijuana?
  20. Would you rather vote for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump for president?
  21. If you could go back to one moment in time, would you rather go back and stop 9/11 or go back and stop the Holocaust?
  22. Would you rather lose someone you love or lose your job?
  23. Would you rather be chased by a cheetah or a hyena?
  24. Would you rather change your religion for one day or quit your job?
  25. If you could save on person in history, would you rather save Martin Luther King Jr. or Anne Frank?
  26. Would you rather be arrested or go on a date with your ex?
  27. If you could bring back one president from the dead, would you rather bring back JFK or Abraham Lincoln?
  28. Would you rather go to Nymphomaniacs Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous?
  29. Would you rather go to your high school reunion or go to your own funeral?
  30. For your last meal, would you rather have lima beans and liver or chicken gizzards and brussel sprouts?
  31. Would you rather move to Greenland or Iceland?
  32. Would you rather travel the world via airplane or via ship?
  33. Would you rather have your house robbed or your car stolen?
  34. If the world was ending, would you rather it end in ice or fire?
  35. Would you rather drink coffee with salt or Kool-Aid with salt?
  36. Would you rather live alone with a million cats or live with a million kids?
  37. When swimming in the Amazon River, would you rather come across a giant anaconda or a school of piranhas?
  38. Would you rather be the most intelligent person in the world but you die at 21 or be the dumbest person in the world who lives to be 100?
  39. Would you rather be bitten by a snake or by a spider?
  40. Would you rather be stabbed or shot?
  41. Would you rather eat a live worm or a live grasshopper?
  42. Would you rather be run over by a bus or stung by a 100 bees?
  43. Would you rather murder someone or rob a bank?
  44. Would you rather slap your sibling for a million dollars or slap your ex?
  45. Would you rather eat raw meat or raw egg?
  46. Would you rather be frozen or dehydrated?
  47. Would you rather have clown make-up or blue hair?
  48. Would you rather have malaria or tuberculosis?
  49. Would you rather have a stalker or be a stalker?
  50. During WWIII, would you rather go into hiding or fight on the front-line?

“Would you rather” is an exceptionally fun game regardless whether your playing with your framily, friends or even your girlfriend/boyfriend spouse.   What are some of your favorite questions that you don’t see in the list above?