The Most Life Threatening Disease These Days


img credit: KDMU news; Flickr

Cancer is spreading very fast all over the world; different people are becoming a victim of this serious illness. If it is not diagnosed quickly then it can easily lead to a persons death. It us very important that people must be educated regarding symptoms, eating habits and other related aspects that can prevent this life threatening disease.

Some habits that can become a cause of cancer

There are many cancers, which occur due one reason or other, it is not like that they always need reason but most of the time it is because of the same reason. Like ‘for example’ lungs cancer, the main cause of which is smoking, smokers are at great risk of becoming a victim of this cancer as compared to people who don’t smoke. Similarly, the people who eat tobacco can easily get mouth or oral cavity cancer. Thus, precaution is always better than cure, so take precaution from today and save yourself. Doctors also believe that food cooked on smoke by using coal can also be the reason for cancer, as we inhale that smoke, thus everything in limit is good and when they go beyond the limit then problem may occur.

Some eating habits that can prevent cancer

Some people don’t believe, but there are some food items that can prevent cancer from occurring or even if a person is already a victim then can serve as anti- cancer for them. It should be government practice to initiate such educational programs that will educate people about safe practices. If we include a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, meat and legumes than we can safe yourself from not only cancer but also from many other diseases. Many fruits and vegetables themselves possess anticancer agent in them in which broccoli and jack fruit are on the top. However, it is very important that we must know that eating them correctly is also very important. As some people over cooked vegetable so they will lose all their nutrients due to over cooking. The best way to eat vegetables, if you don’t want to lose it effectiveness is eat them raw, but if you can’t then just stir fry or bake them on high flame then you can get best out of your food.

Some more important points you should know

Apart from some cancers, most of the cancers you can say are gift from your ancestors. As they run in families and can affect you as well if you have a family history. The most common in such type are those involve genital organs like ovaries, cervix and breast cancer. However, you can also save yourself from such diseases by regular checkups, as in regular checkup your doctor will monitor you, and whenever something alarms him then he can start treatment. That, initial treatment can also save you from becoming a victim of life threatening disease.