Phases Women Pass In Order To Avail In Motherhood

img credit: redruth rugby; Flickr

img credit: redruth rugby; Flickr

God has created man and woman in the same manner, but the phases which woman has to go throughout her life, are very different from those phases which man has to go through. Father is only father and gets this title easily but in order to woman get motherhood title woman has to bear a lot. When she came to maturity phase, every month she has to phase periodic cycle that is painful in itself. However, it is very important for every lady to go through that monthly cycle otherwise she has to face many difficulties.

What are the facts behind pregnancy?

When God gives the lady a capability to conceive, then from the day conception occurs, she has to bear different pains. Initially vomiting, nausea, acidity and other symptoms are more then it proceed and baby begins to grow then rib pain, difficulty in performing daily home chores become difficult. However, no matter how much pain she has to bear, she will bear that with patience and feel each and every stage of pregnancy. When baby moves inside her uterus, then she feels very good and lucky. It creates attachment between mother and a child and that is the reason when baby is born then he knows her mother voice and touch. You saw many times that baby is crying and when her mother takes him then he stop crying and even some time starts laughing or falls asleep. Delivery of a baby is another painful process but creates a great sense of love between mother and a child. Mother bears so much pain, and that’s the reason she loves her child without reason.

Some stages after the child have born

Even her pain is not finished; even after the child has born there is no surety about her day or night. Breastfeeding is another stage which she has to go through, which is painful as well sometime, but it’s create great love and bond between mother and child. When mother breast feed her child then she has a special feeling, and furthermore it is extremely beneficial for both mother and child. The breast feed child remain safe from many diseases, grow healthy. Further mother who breastfeed her child can remain healthy can remain slim and also it delays fertilization. Thus, motherhood is very challenging, but it is a great reward too, everyone who has mother must respect her by keeping all these points in mind that what she has done in order to raise you.