What Is Thalassemia?

img credit: Ed Uthman; Flickr

img credit: Ed Uthman; Flickr

There are many diseases, which can occur in the human body, and affect different parts of the body. Some of the disease is acquired from the environment some are seasonal, and some are transmitted, while many if the diseases are gifts from out parents and ancestors. Thalassemia is one of those diseases which we get from our parents in heredity. This is basically a blood disorder and runs in families, thus if we want to prevent its spreading and want to prevent your children from this disease then we can easily control it.

What is the disasters thalassemia can cause

The patients who are thalassemia major have very tough life, actually their life is not too long, and most of the people survive only till their teenage. During days of their survival, they have to go through the tough time either periodically they have to go for blood transfusion, which it is painful. Time to time some complications can occur on that even they have to go for hospitalization. During their whole life they have to eat some medicines in order to control their iron level, in short this patient’s become irritated from their live. However, we can save life of such patient by thinking a little bit, this disease has no any treatment just the life span of the patient can be increased.

Role of genes in thalassemia

The main reason behind this disease is a gene, which plays a very important role, but before understanding we must know types of thalassemia. Basically, thalassemia is major and minor, the patient who have minor are normal and lives a normal life like those people who are without thalassemia even some people even don’t know throughout their life that they have minor gene. The problem occurs when person having minor thalassemia married to the other minor person so there will be 50-50 chances of their kids for major and minor. Like I know one family in which husband and wife are both minor so from their four children’s two are major and two are minor. This disease spreads a lot due to family marriages thus in order to be safe side it’s better that husband and wife go for the blood screening, and if both are minor then they should not go for marriage because they will have thalassemia children’s otherwise. However when person having minor gene and he or she married to a normal person then no children can be major only minor ones can be there. Thus, we must think on this fact and restrict such marriages even some time husband and wife knows after marriage that they both are minor, so in that case whenever wife get pregnant then some type of scan is performed to know the child if the child is normal then no issues however when not ifs better terminate a pregnancy to prevent child from whole life issue.