Best Waffle Maker For The Money (2015)

best waffle makers for the money

Whats better than waking up to a big stack of warm waffles with a bunch of butter drowned in maple syrup.  Yum! Heck, in our house waffles are an every meal option so a quality waffle maker is an absolute must need.  As we were recently in the market for a new waffle iron I figured it was the perfect time to outline the best waffle makers for your money.

Before going into the full review of what waffle irons are best for your money here’s the quick answer.

ProductPrice RangeReviewsBest Price
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1. Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

A top seller on Amazon, the Presto 03510 is the the waffle iron that is most found in a kitchen.  This one does everything from the top knotch belgian waffles to your at home experimental recipes.  For less than $50 this waffle maker is perfect for your house, for the lake, or even for the poor college kid looking to for an easy meal.

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2. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Buy this waffle iron if you like sleek stainless steam appliances that are easy to use.  That honestly sums this bad boy up.  It looks great sitting in any kitchen and with just 5 cooking settings its nearly impossible to mess any waffle up.

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3. Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker

If you love high end model with the ease of use of a beginner model then look no further.  Over 1500 purchase reviews can’t be wrong in stating that this is a “must have” for any kitchen.  The best part? This waffle iron offers a double batch cooking option which is great for any size family.  Who can turn down a waffle let a lone TWO waffles?

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4. Hamilton Beach 26009 Belgian Style Waffle Baker

Serious question here.  Do you prefer square waffles or circle waffles.  If your like me you swear the tradition of square waffles adds to the flavor.  This waffle maker offers two square waffles per serving making it a great option for all families.

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5. Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker, Traditional Five of Hearts

Do you have an infinity for hearts? Maybe you have children who adore any shaped food?  This waffle maker not only makes great tasting waffles but also makes them in the shape of 5 hearts.  The best part about this machine is that it makes waffles in roughly 90 seconds.   Need to step away for a moment after pouring the batter? Don’t worry, this machine will give a quick chirp when everything is ready to be served.

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If you love waffles then it’s essential you get the perfect waffle maker for your home.  The 5 mentioned above are what we identified as the best but we love to read everyones opinion.  Do you have one that’s not already listed?  Let us know about your own reviews for your particular model. Happy Waffle Making!