Are Vacuums Really A Bad Gift?


Vacuums have become a taboo in terms of gift giving. While extremely valuable and definitely an item which nobody likes to pay for, vacuums are typically frowned upon as a gift. My question for you is why? If its valuable and saves you money why wouldn’t it be a gift that you would like to receive? Below are several reasons why I suggest bucking the notion that a vacuum is a bad gift. In the comments below – let me know if any or all of the reasons would be enough to convince you to go against this “best practice”. Price Vacuum cleaners can cost between $50 and $1000. Yes, that’s a huge discrepancy in price. Regardless the price, this typically inst a household item that someone is eager to pay for. While not an item you want to pay for it really is an item that you need to have to keep your home tidy.

If you are interested in giving a gift that offers a lot of value and saves the recipient money then definitely pick them up a new vacuum.  Time Saving Since purchasing a vacuum is a costly event you’ll want to do some research. By purchasing a vacuum for someone you’ll be saving them a lot of time. We always suggest looking at top guides for the current year. For instance if you want to buy your friend or loved one a canister vacuum you could find a top guide such as this one: 2013 top canister vacuum cleaners. Benefits of Long “Life” What in the world does this mean? What im talking about is the opportunity to give a gift that will have a life span that wont go away immediately. Gift cards, clothes, and other gifts can be utilized immediately but once used has gone away. A vacuum cleaner can “live” for many if not tens of years. Talk about a gift that continues to give years after it is given.

Remind me why vacuums as gifts are such a taboo again? I still don’t quite get it. Can we help remove the taboo of buying certain gits for friends and family? I only have you three reasons above but in my mind these three are more than enough to personally convince me to go in a different direction when buying gifts. These gifts don’t do anything but add value. Its possible that people get hung up on giving these gifts because they aren’t always the “fun” gift. You don’t necessarily get that excitement factor where people will jump and scream from these types of gifts. However, as mentioned in the reasons above – a vacuum, blender, swiffer etc can offer alot of value that may actually go over a lot better then you might think. Give it a thought the next time you are looking to buy a gift.

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