Best Vacations to Take On a Budget

IMG credit: Kevin Dooley Flickr

IMG credit: Kevin Dooley Flickr

Once the summer season arrives or when you are given vacation leave, it simply means that it is time to relax and enjoy the time you are given. On the other hand, if your vacation involves a lot of spending, you might end up losing all your hard-earned money. If you want to stay in budget, let’s say only $1000 for your vacation, it is definitely possible. There is a way to keep your expenses during your vacation minimal whether you are going to a tropical island or a far-flung destination.

We will first focus on the transportation costs. It should only take up about 25% of your budget. This can include all the costs of traveling around such as the flights, gas, train fare or even a rental car. If your allotted budget is only $1000, you have to allot $250 on the transportation expenses. Depending on the location where you will spend your vacation, make sure that you will look for affordable flight tickets, especially if you have to travel by air.

When it comes to the lodging or accommodations, you must stick with $400 whether a hotel room or house rental as well as including the taxes, fees and other additional payments. In case you are traveling by plane, you can save money on the hotel fees by opting for packages that are bundled with your flight and the hotel. In case you have friends in the destination where you will spend your vacation, you can stay with them if they can accommodate you. In doing so, you can save a lot more.

Food will also be taken from your $1000 budget. It is best to stick with around $250 for your food. If you want to save money, it is best to opt for a room with a kitchen where you can prepare meals. In doing so, it can help save money that you can spend on indulging on some gourmet meals during your vacation.

In any vacation, you would surely engage in the activities. It is best to stick with $100 from your budget. In most cases, you might be tempted to spend more. On the other hand, there are free and low-cost activities that will surely make your vacation enjoyable. You can even keep your expenses low by packing on picnics.

Lastly, when packing, make sure that you are packing in a budget-friendly manner. It is important to pack all your essentials such as sunscreen, personal items, memory cards so that you will not end up buying during your vacation. You can create a list of all the items that you will bring so that you can check them if they are all included when packing.

You can easily stick with a $1000 budget without any problems. Whether you are going to a far-flung destination or a tropical island or beach, it is always best to stick with a budget if you want to stay financially sound all throughout the year.