What should you consider while traveling in long journeys?


img credit: Martin Burns; Flickr

Traveling can be fun, and it can be irritating as well, however if certain points and Carr should be taken then you can even enjoy long journeys. Long travelling is more complicated when we are traveling with kids specially because the people who are adults can bear things, but kids even can’t compromise and they even become irritated easily due to fatigue. Nowadays some journeys to long distance take about 14-16 hours via plane, so how difficult it will be to manage and pass the journey.

How you can enjoy long journey when you are alone

Long journeys can be longer especially when you are alone, thus in order to pass your journey peacefully you must be fully prepared otherwise you may even suffer with certain illnesses. First and most important thing are that you must take one or two days complete rest before going for travel because travelling is it tiring and if you are already tired then you have to suffer a lot. Then second most important thing is to make a list of important things, which you must take with you and make a separate list for items to be packed in luggage and this ego be kept in hand baggage. Keep all your necessary items in your hand baggage like books to read, medicine if you are on them, some snacks and proper items to eat, and some relaxing items. You should buy air cushion that is sort of item used for sitting, during long journeys people sit on that so it will not cause them any sort of back pain or itching etc. Similarly if you have some special needs then you must let the crew before so they can serve you in a better way.

What to look for when traveling with kids

Kids no matter of what age they are always kids, you must look for things that entertain them throughout their journey. Like for example when I travel to Canada with my three years old what I kept for him in hand baggage is a lot of things. As my son get bored of one thing very quickly thus to switch him to another I kept different options. Like I charge all the electronic items like mobile, portable DVD player, I phone etc. fully charged and they already have games and other applications installed so he passed some time with them. Furthermore, I keep some color, coloring book and different item for him to eat, so the 14 hour journey was somewhat less irritating to me, and obviously kids also sleep for some time during the journey so time possess. Thus, plan before you leave and in order to avoid depression and tension you must arrange all the necessary items.